EXCEL’s commitment for Products: 


Highest in Fuel Efficiency
Reasonable Price
Ease of Maintenance


EXCEL’s commitment for Company Management: 

The management is committed to maintain Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard. To fulfill the same the management measures its effectiveness in various ways like:
1 The management regularly communicates the importance of meeting the customer and statutory requirements by training all the employees within the organization
2 Established the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives.
3 The management also conducts management reviews at periodic intervals.
4 The management ensures the availability of necessary resources, whenever and wherever needed.


EXCEL’s commitment for the Team: 

Apart from periodic training, during management reviews or whenever required the top management communicates the need of the customer requirements in their field of activity and the top management’s interest, to the employees.
The company ongoing provides on field and off field training to it's sales engineers. We are proud to say that our trained employees / vendors become small pump manufacturers